The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3: Confirm Release Date, Possible Cast And What We Can Expect From The Three Season?

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

The one thing the entire lockdown Season has instructed us is to rely on outside factors of amusement to remain sane. The only thing which we may do in these trying times is read novels, play games or watch a fantastic tv collection. Among the most memorable moments which have gained a lot of attention in the last couple of years is The New Legends of Monkey. The series is initially an Australian New Zealand TV series which is inspired by Monkey, a Japanese production. The show is available to flow on Netflix.

The Japanese production named Saiyuki gets dependent on the 16th-century Chinese publication called Journey to the West. The very first season released initially on ABC Me Tv station in 2018 and the second season released in 2020. Gerard Johnstone directs the show. The first season released on Netflix and following that, the production started streaming there only. We are hearing particular rumors about the show getting renewed for another season.

Cast Of The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3

Most likely, will see the previous characters, along with some new faces introduced into the new plot of Season Three.

Josh Thomson as God Pigsy

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• Emilie Cocquerel as God Sandy

• Chai Hansen as Monkey King

• Lucaine Buchanan as Buddhist monk Tripitaka

The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3 Release Date

The New Legend’s of Monkey Season 2 released on August 7, 2020, on Netflix. While one can expect the series to be renewed for another season, it’s uncertain when production would begin. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, many things in the entertainment industry have come to a stop, and expecting its date of release is impossible right now. Our very best guess is that if matters fall in place, one can anticipate The New Legend’s of Monkey Season 3 to release sometime in 2022.

Plot Of The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3

In the second season, we saw the evil queen becomes resurrected, therefore something new will happen in the next season. We can get to find a few more interesting facts about The Monkey King; there are also fights between the Queen group and the King group. The group may collect more scrolls to reestablish wisdom. Just like the earlier seasons, the third season too will engage the audiences in the literary play.

Trailer Of The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3

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