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Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Sandesh Lamsal


If you’re on any social media platform, then Sandesh Lamsal needs no introduction, as he is a very famous and one of the top social media stars of Nepal. Not only a Nepalese internet celebrity but, he is also a professional sportsman with 2 Dan Black Belt from World Taekwondo, a social worker, doctor and The representative of Nepal in St. Petersburg and The Leningrad Region.

Early days 

Sandesh Lamsal was born on 17th August 1994 in the Dang district of Nepal. He was schooled from 2 different schools in Nepal itself, the schools are Batsyayan English School, Nepal and Tulsi Higher Secondary English, Tulsipur Dang, Nepal.

For undergraduation, he went to Russia in 2015 on a scholarship from the Russian Government to study MBBS from the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia.

He completed the undergraduate degree in MBBS in July 2021 and a Diploma course in Computer Software and Hardware in 2013.  His father’s name is Ganesh Lamsal, his Mother’s name is Sushila Lamsal and his Sister’s name is Shraddha Lamsal. At the age of 12, inspired by his father, he started learning Computer Programming and created his first website online.  Sandesh can speak and write fluently in 5 international languages, which are, Nepali, English, Hindi, Russian and Korean.

Taekwondo Journey

He always had a great interest in sports. From the young age of 13 he started learning Taekwondo and received his first Dan Black Belt in the year 2014 and then received his second Dan Black Belt in the year 2018. He also taught Taekwondo as a part-time trainer in 2014 .

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To quote, Sandesh Lamsal “Getting a Black belt in Martial Arts was my dream which I eventually achieved, but my journey didn’t stop here.” 

Even when he was studying MBBS in Russia, he did not quit Taekwondo. He continued his training from “Black Eagle Taekwondo Association” 


His career can be divided into academic, social media, social life and sport sections.


Sandesh did his schooling from Nepal and completed his undergraduate degree on MBBS in 2015 under the Russian Government Scholarship. 

Social Media

Sandesh Lamsal
Sandesh Lamsal

He is very active on apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Likee, Helo, Tangi, Moj, Josh, Changa and Chingari. Beside the entertaining contents, he is always promoting social awareness and helping people in distress through his videos.

He has currently started his YouTube journey too. In YouTube, he uploads videos promoting Humanity, Equality and Friendship among people and has achieved 1.5k subscribers already. 

According to Yahoo News and Online Khabar, Sandesh Lamsal is the First Nepalese internet celebrity who has been verified on all social media platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, TikTok, Likee, Moj, Josh, Google’s Tangi, Helo and Chingari app in 2021. His outstanding and all-rounder personality has always appealed to the public and that is the reason he has over 200 thousand followers on Instagram. He has shared the screen with many famous Indian Artists and Bollywood Stars. His videos have been loved and appreciated by the people of all age group, gender, sex and nationality.

Social Work

In 2015, he collected funds from Russia and donated that money to the people affected in Nepal by the Earthquake.

He has contributed in the FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 and the FIFA World Cup 2018, as a medical volunteer, for which he has been bestowed with the medal and “Appreciation letter” from the Russian government and Organizer committee of the FIFA World Cup.

He has organised many programs in Russia to promote the Nepali culture, tradition, language, tourism and festivals with the help of a student group that he himself has founded as the Representative of Nepal in the St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

He has written many articles on journals about Philosophy and History.


Sandesh Lamsal is a professional sportsman with 2 Dan Black Belt from World Taekwondo, Kukkiwon, South Korea and Nepal Taekwondo Association, Kathmandu, Nepal. He is planning to give an exam for 3 Dan Black Belt in this year.

His Social Media Handles

Website : Sandesh Lamsal | सन्देश लम्साल 

Instagram :

Facebook : Sandesh Lamsal

YouTube : Sandesh Lamsal

Twitter : Sandesh Lamsal (@sandesh__1994)

TikTok : Sandesh Lamsal (@sandesh.1994) Official | TikTok

Likee : Sandesh Lamsal(@sandesh.1994) Official | Likee

Moj : Sandesh Lamsal (@sandesh1994) Official | Moj

Josh : Sandesh Lamsal (@sandesh.1994) Official | Josh

Chingari : Sandesh Lamsal (@sandesh1994) Official | Chingari

Tangi : Sandesh Lamsal (@sandesh.1994) Official | Tangi

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