The most accurate Predictor, Deepika Sahani

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Deepika Sahani born in Kanpur, brought up in Daman and currently residing in Phillipines demonstrates an exemplary example of a young, successful and strong woman with her work in the field of corporate as well as astrology.

She has specialized MBA degree in events & Pr, Master’s in Tarot Card Reading along with the six sigma black belt, PMP and TQM certification.

She has also participated in Macau festival in 2010 and represented our country as the famous face of Macau.

Adding onto her bucket list she has been appreciated twice by Congress of Daman and Diu on women’s day for her contribution to the society. She has been recognized as one of those top 50 Personalities in India in 2020 by G Town Society, Awardee of Top 100 Women Icon, Women Leadership Award 2022.

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Deepika’s persuasive remedies to her clients in the form of loa practices, yoga meditation has worked wonders in their individual lives, and thus creating remarkable impressions to their professional and personal lives.

She has been spreading her love and positivity not only in India but all across theworld covering Phillipine,Dubai,US,UK,Finnland,Brisbane,Canada,Ontario, Leicester, Australia & Lusaka.

She is truly an inspiration to the young generation, who is clothesd with strength and dignity and lives and laughs her life without fear of the future.

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