The Matrix 4: Know About Release Date And Cast Combination !!

Kristene Taylor
Kristene Taylor

Keanu Reeves is back on set for The Matrix 4 and fans are going crazy with the footage that has been shared. First, because his girlfriend takes him to work with (what appears to be) his breakfast, and second because he recently showed up with a haircut reminiscent of Neo in his early days. moved into the real world after waking up.

For those who don’t remember, Neo died at the end of the Matrix 3, the “chosen one” sacrificed himself to obtain peace between humans and machines, but the Oracle and The Architect, two of the most powerful programs in the Matrix, had a conversation at the end in which they had left open the possibility of seeing Anderson, aka Neo again. But how did Neo come back? One of the theories of the film says that considering that at one point in the original saga it is mentioned that the Neo of the present is not the first Neo that has existed (it is said to be version number 7 ), cloning could be used to re-awaken Neo and Trinity so they can help wage a new battle between humanity and the machines. It was already said at the end of Matrix 3 that the agreed peace has a date of

Matrix 4

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The first photos of the Matrix 4 series seem to confirm this theory. Keanu Reeves was seen with long hair and a different look than the Neo we all remember, which means he could be another version of the same character who has been sleeping in The Matrix for years and doesn’t know or don’t can’t remember everything that happened before that moment. What does this have to do with Keanu’s haircut? Well, being shaved, that suggests that Neo is going to be awakened again (in the original saga, all humans are shaved in their out-of-the-matrix version so machines can connect tubes through their bodies). From what Keanu himself has said on previous occasions, “ Matrix 4is a love story ”, and while that may be true, there is also a very, very strong possibility that this love story will take place in the midst of a new war to save mankind, this time – here forever. Keanu Reeves also said the film is “full of action; it’s very entertaining. But there will be no turning back, ”and this haircut is at least an indication that a new Neo will have to be awakened from his surreal dream and invited to participate in the fight again. And for that, he must have very short hair, like in that first film where he was practically bald.

The movie’s release date is set for December 2021 and Reeves has said it will change a lot of things, but there are others that cannot be changed and one of them is the fact that every time that someone wakes up, he does it without hair. At the moment, we do not know if the haircut plays an important role in the story, but, considering that this is a sequel to the original saga and the Wachowskis don’t want to destroy everything they’ve already built, but improve it and advancing it, it’s possible that’s a clue as to what’s going to happen with the character. At first, it was thought that Neo could be a character like the Oracle, who only exists in the Matrix simulation and who knows full well that this is not reality, but seeing Keanu shaved., we can only assume that there will be a physical Neo and that it will have an important role to develop in this new story. Are we on the verge of witnessing a new rebellion? It is very likely, after all, that the saga cannot end with a simple love story, however good it may be.

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