The Mandalorian Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Current Information

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Mandalorian is getting more and more interesting. There are only two chapters left for the end of season 2 and, after ‘The Tragedy’, things are on fire. The Empire has Grogu and Mando is going to form a team to rescue him. The fans fear that some secondary will die on the task, as happened at the end of season 1 with our beloved “I Have Spoken” … But those who are dedicated to analyzing the Star Wars Universe to the millimeter are even more concerned.

It is well known how Star Wars always looks at its customs, in the original trilogy. We are at the end of season 2 so, if we pay attention to the outcome of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, we could be facing a negative end of the season, which would leave the good guys as losers having to regroup against the forecast to succeed in the following season. Come on, we are not so clear that the final battle ends as well as in season 1.

But another question that is gaining weight is Luke Skywalker. With Ahsoka Tano not wanting to know anything about little Grogu, he sent a call to all Jedi from Tython. In these same moments, if we pay attention to the chronology. Luke Skywalker is rebuilding the Jedi ranks and looking for students for his school, those that Ben Solo will later kill. The important thing is that, for consistency, he had to listen to Grogy’s call. If you are in the middle of the search for apprentices to train, it is impossible not to think that you want to attend the call of a person as powerful as our beloved Baby Yoda.

However, including a character the weight of Luke Skywalker is always a very risky mess, starting with the casting and, above all, not being able to touch anything of the established canon around him. However, it has been the YouTube channel Star Wars Theory that has gone on to detail how this could happen, for all those who are somewhat lost with the chronology of the great protagonist of the saga.

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