‘The Lord of the Rings’: Release date, details and everything we know about the Amazon Prime Video series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

It seems that centuries have passed since the Lord of the Rings series was announced for Amazon Prime Video and, the truth is that the production is going very calmly, although fans are sure to appreciate the attention that the team is putting in every detail. The first news was released in November 2017 and, since then, we have been receiving little pills about what the company prepares.

From the get-go, it became known that Amazon Studios, Tolkien Estate and Trust, HarperCollins, and New Line Cinema were on board the project. It was also confirmed that it would be set in events in Middle-earth that occurred before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring. It has been a long time since then and the information has also been refined.


Anyone who knows the universe of The Lord of the Rings knows that the series has extensive material with which to develop the story and that its events could take place in very different times; However, a map published by the official account of the series revealed that it would be set in the Second Age of Middle Earth. Therefore, we can assume that the series will focus on Númenor.

As Rotten Tomatoes collects, it is important to understand the end of the First Age and the fall of the Dark Lord Morgoth to know what is in store for us. To take down the Dark Lord, the Elves, Men, and Valar had to come together and make a collective effort. As a result of the union, the Valar created a haven for men on the high seas, which is known as the island of Númenor. The race of Men consisted of the half-elven, half-Elf, and half-Male descendants, but Númenor was intended only for those who chose to follow the destiny of Men.

On the island, the kings created a strong tradition of sailors and explorers. The whole world was his territory, except the shores of Aman, reserved for the Valar and the Elves. This aspect differentiates them from the Men of Middle-earth who hid from the War or sided with Morgoth. As time passed, those who had remained on the Dark Lord’s side ended up supporting Sauron. This brings us to the next point.


Again according to Rotten Tomatoes, at the time when the story of the series is set, Sauron could take a bodily form, so he will adopt a humanoid form, mainly Elven. Yes, some of the actors signed could play Sauron, one of the key pieces of the Second Age.

Sauron began to build his army composed of orcs, men who were faithful to him, and other creatures. With increasing power, he came to control areas of southern Middle-earth, but the people of Númenor invested numerous resources in a battle against Sauron to defeat him. Sauron was always a manipulator and went on to become a key adviser to the king of Númenor, promising him that if he had faith in Morgoth, they could step on Aman and obtain immortality, the one they had sacrificed to continue the legacy of Men. Those faithful to the Valar left for Middle-earth and, as a result of their manipulation, the fall of Númenor took place.

Therefore, it is very likely that the fall of the kingdom is one of the central plots since it can unfold in the different seasons that they have in mind to produce.


Fans can expect to see a familiar character, such as Galadriel. In December 2019 it was confirmed that Morfydd Clark, actress of Dark Matter, had been chosen to give life to one of the most beloved characters. She will replace Cate Blanchett, the mythical Galadriel from the Peter Jackson films.

Last July it was also announced that Elrond and Sauron – although the latter was already known – would appear in the series. Of course, at the moment, it is not clear how they will be integrated into the plot.

On the other hand, there are actors from the original trilogy who have already declared that they will not be part. The first was Orlando Bloom. Bloom stated that it was crazy to remember how 20 years ago they talked about future ‘remakes’ of The Lord of the Rings and thought it could never be done. “I like to think that I don’t get old, but …”, jokes the actor.

Hugo Weaving (Elrond in his film version) has the same opinion, although he has been more drastic in his response: “No way. Absolutely not. The Matrix could happen. But The Lord of the Rings no, it never would; It doesn’t interest me at all. I loved being in New Zealand with all these wonderful people and it was like having a family again, but actually, to be honest with you, I think we’ve all had more than enough. ”


The Lord of the Rings has already been confirming the actors who will be part of the cast and, for the moment, the list is long. The first signing occurred in July 2019, but there have been some changes over time. For example, Will Poulter, one of the first confirmed to star in the fiction, dropped out of the project due to scheduling problems.


Despite the stoppage of filming, The Lord of the Rings is expected to keep its premiere date in 2021, as Jennifer Salke, president of Amazon Studios, has stated on several occasions. What has not materialized is the month in which it will be released. It is certain that we will be able to enjoy fiction on Amazon Prime Video.

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