The little child praised madam like this

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Viral Video: Children’s videos get special love on social media. Which entertains the users a lot. One such video is seen creating panic on the internet, which is also being liked by the people. Seeing this video of small children, people are going crazy with goosebumps.

This video going viral is of school. In which a teacher is seen making a video of his student. In the video, the student is seen praising his madam. He tells his madam that when you came in sari that day, you were looking very good. To which his madam says why she was looking good. On this the child says that that saree was very nice and you are my favorite madam. Hearing this, his madam becomes very happy.

This video of the child is going viral, people are very much liked. The video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @Sunilpanwar2507. The caption of this video read, ‘Measures to avoid homework’. So far this video has been viewed by more than 90 thousand people and more than 3600 people have liked it. After watching the video, a user wrote, ‘Innocence and mischief are cobbled together’.

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