The Last Airbender Star explains why the cast reunited in 2021

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

One Avatar, the Last Airbender Star explained why the cast reunited this year! Late last year, fans of the franchise were caught off guard when Dante Basco, who provides the voice of Zuko in the animated series, announced that he and several other stars of the fan-favorite series would be having a reunion this year. With Avatar the Last Airbender currently experiencing a new wave of popularity with its release on streaming platforms like Netflix and CBS All Access, it only made sense that the cast would be gathering again to celebrate the series on January 9.

As Basco explained to Entertainment Weekly, the Avatar the Last Airbender meeting came this year not only because of the series’ fandom, but also because he wanted to ease some of their concerns during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning with the Twitch broadcasts that draw in some of his former co-stars, the reunion began to form immediately afterward.

First Basco talked about how he met Zach Tyler Eisen, the voice behind Aang, who has since retired from acting after Avatar: The Last Airbender ‘s initial release: “When we made the end of Avatar, the Last Airbender off the air on my Twitch, he just appeared for a second, Basco started, “And I was like, ‘I really want you to meet up with all of Gaang.”

Continuing later, Basco explained: “A lot of us do cons together around the world and we’re still in the industry working… and then I was like ‘You must join the world. It is fun’. He’s like ‘I’d love to’. I was like ‘Great, let’s have a meeting. And then once you do the meeting, just move on. Welcome back. We are back, the Gaang are back together. ‘

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Speaking of why a reunion made sense for this current moment, “If you look on the show, it’s a time of unease and imbalance in the world of Avatar,” Basco said. It is this group of children trying to find balance in the world. And I think collectively, the world, we are all in the Gaang, we are in this group of children who say, ‘How can we find balance in the world? right now?’ And that’s part of the charm. There are so many lessons that are still relevant today.

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