The Korean Dost Youtubers Hoon And Min Are The New Age Jai And Veeru

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Korean Dost Youtubers Hoon and Min

The duo run a Youtube channel called Korean dost through which they upload their reaction videos on Indian content – movie trailers, music videos, food, and even make cover versions of Bollywood songs. A subscriber base of over 1.2 Mn that has garnered over 224Mn views in 2 years and is growing leaps and bounds with every upload. The authentic, genuine, cute, and boyish charms are winning hearts globally, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

“I love Norah Fatehi, she is a legendary dancer and we would love to have her in Seoul soon”, beamed an excited Min. Hoon had a coy shy grin as he let his “Jigri dost” do all the talking. Their recent reaction to the Kusu Kusu song from Satyamev Jayeta -2 has already gone viral with Norah sharing their video in her IG story.

While the pandemic has unleashed an unprecedented growth in the consumption of anything Korean- drama, movies, and pop, but this wave had begun way before in Bollywood with adaptations and inspiration from their movies. “While we may look different but our emotions, culture have a semblance. The soapy dramas, energetic song, and dance routine videos, action choreographies and audiences are so similar”, says Hoon. The fact of the matter is that there is K-Wave which has swept the country thanks to the proliferation of social media and now the OTTs. Earlier there was only an Anurag Kashyap or a Sanjay Gupta or even a Mohit Suri mention of such content, but these days the kids have bowled us over. There is immense popularity with the K-Pop sensation BTS ushering in a new era and influence with the Indian audience.

“I fell in love with Tandoori Chicken while Hoon loved Chole Bhature”, beamed Min. “Such is the influence of Indian cuisine and matching of the taste buds”. There are even reports that in recent times there is a tremendous demand for Korean food in India and the launch of specialty culinary experiences in many of the metro cities in India.

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“We will be back soon in India to do more filming using local touch and flavor. Moreover, we were overwhelmed with the love and affection we got with our fans here”, says Min.

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