‘The King of Zamunda’: Eddie Murphy returns to find his son in the Amazon sequel

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Akeem is no longer a prince, he is now a king and he is willing to have twice the fun. Amazon Prime Video has published the new trailer for The King of Zamunda , the sequel to The Prince of Zamunda , to bring out the nostalgia among all those born in the 80s and 90s. In the preview that you can see on these lines, Eddie Murphy he reprises one of his most iconic characters more than 30 years later. “Hey, what are you doing here again, Mufasa?”

Akeem returns to the United States because he has just learned that he may have a son and is willing to walk the streets of New York to find him. After all, he is the heir to the throne of Zamunda . Although he is a bit reluctant at first – after all he has to leave the life he knows behind – he decides to accompany his father when he sees that there is a lot of money at stake. This is how he meets Akeem’s family, especially his three daughters, who could also occupy the throne if not for the rules of the country. In between, invasion, marital, family problems and with many other members of the royal court.

The King of Zamunda , directed by Craig Brewer ( I am Dolemite ), has in its cast Jermaine Fowler ( BoJack Horseman ), Leslie Jones ( Ghostbusters ), Shari Headley ( Becoming God in Florida ), John Amos ( The Jungle 2 (Red Alert) ), Tracy Morgan ( Rockefeller Plaza ) and Wesley Snipes ( Blade ); among others. On these lines, do not miss the trailer.

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