The Kapil Sharma Show , you will have to spend Rs 4999, Kapil Sharma told the truth of the advertisement.

The Kapil Sharma Show is going viral on social media. Information about the ticket price of The Kapil Sharma Show is given in the advertisement. Viewers have been asked to pay huge amounts for tickets to attend the show live.


The Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Fraud: The comedy serial TV is The Kapil Sharma Show a very popular TV serial. The show gets good ratings and TRP on TV. Apart from this, the live audience also reaches The Kapil Sharma Show. An advertisement related to Kapil Sharma’s live show appeared on social media, in which it was said that now to be a part of the show, one will have to spend Rs 4999. This advertisement related to The Show is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This information about the show left the fans stunned. In such a situation, a fan tagged Kapil Sharma on Twitter with an advertisement post and asked him to confirm the news.

Fans asked questions to Kapil on expensive tickets.

As soon as this advertisement of his show came to Kapil Sharma’s knowledge, he too was shocked. The comedian immediately replied without any delay and told the truth of the post.

Kapil told the truth of the advertisement

While reacting to this advertisement, Kapil Sharma informed that this was a fraud. To date, not even a single rupee has been charged from the audience for attending his show live. Kapil said, Sir, this is a forgery. We never charge even a single rupee from our viewers for watching the live shoot of The Kapil Sharma Serial, please save yourself from this kind of fraud, thank you.

The Kapil Sharma Show closed

The show is not going to air on TV these days. Like every year, this time too it has been closed before the start of the new season of the show. The Kapil Sharma Show has been off-air since July 2023. The makers have not yet shared any information as to when it will start again. But the fans have been waiting for a very long time.

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