The Irregulars Season 2: All Latest Interesting Information

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Interviewer PR

Netflix is rumoured to be renewing The Irregulars for season 2 ahead of the initial season premiere. The upcoming British crime series takes place in the Sherlock Holmes universe and follows the Baker Street Irregulars, a group of rough-and-tumble teens who grew up on the streets of Victorian London. It’ll follow their enlistment by Holmes and Dr. Watson to gather info on supernatural crimes. The eight-part play boasts a bunch of impressive British talent before and behind the camera, such as Henry Lloyd-Hughes, who recently played Aaron Peel at Killing Eve and are the most recent celebrity to undertake a Holmes. In reality, Netflix appears to have so much faith from the unreleased show that it’s gone ahead and invested in its long-term potential.

The Irregulars Season 2

The streamer has renewed The Irregulars to get a second season only weeks ahead of the first season’s March 26 premiere. Even though not many details are released, production is anticipated to begin this summer in Liverpool, with founder Tom Bidwell coming as writer and producer. It will continue to be developed by the Drama Republic, an up-and-coming independent production company led by high-profile manufacturers, like Greg Brenman, whose vast career comprises the 2000 drama, Billy Elliot, and also the recent Netflix series, Peaky Blinders.

Adhering to the critical success of Enola Holmes, Netflix seems intent on enlarging its Sherlock Holmes universe with the more teen-oriented fare. Not only is the business already doubling back on The Irregulars, but it’s also developing a Sherlock Junior film with a similar supernatural tone. Based on whether The Irregulars’ viewership figures match those of Enola Holmes, readers could see more Sherlock Holmes series and films come down the pike soon.

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