The Innocent Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Story And Everything You Must Know!!

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Innocent Season 2 – a guide to Katherine Kelly’s large new thriller.

Innocent Season 2 sees a dreadful miscarriage of justice at the center of the sequence.

It celebrities Katherine Kelly as teacher Sally Wright who’s spent five years in prison for the murder of her 16-year-old student Matty Taylor, who she was also accused of grooming. But when new evidence comes to light, her conviction is overturned and she’s released, but can she resurrect her old lifestyle and who murdered Matty?

Here’s everything we understand about Innocent Season 2…

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The Innocent Season 2 Release Date Info

Again, it appears improbable that Netflix will greenlight fresh episodes, but audiences may demand a new setup. If so, expect The Innocent season 2 to premiere in April or May 2022 at the oldest.

The Innocent Season 2

Who’s in Innocent Season 2?

Alongside Kelly, whose recent credits include Cheat, Liar, and Criminal, Jamie Bamber (Strike Back and Battlestar Galactica) performs her ex, probation officer Sam.

“Sally’s been immensely hurt that he has turned his back on her. She is hoping that now she has been cleared, everything can go back to how it was and they can heal together,” says Kelly. “But he’s moved on and she discovers that difficult to accept. He was the only man for her — that’s what’s got her through the five years in prison — and she will fight for that until the end.”

Meanwhile, Industry’s Priyanga Burford is Sam’s fiancée, Karen, and Ackley Bridge’s Amy-Leigh Hickman is Karen’s teenage daughter Bethany. It’s A Sin’s Shaun Dooley also stars as DCI Mike Braithwaite, who is dealing with his tragic past whilst re-opening the investigation into Matty’s killing to find out who was responsible.

The Innocent Season 2 Story

The Innocent season 1 ends with the revelation that Mateo showed mercy to a prospective prison assassin but then decided to throw him a railing to his death. The story always examines whether Casas’ character is obviously violent or simply has bad fortune, and also demonstrates Jaime’s actions are motivated by his view that Mateo is a born killer, with the last image of this Netflix series indicating that he is right. For The Innocent season 2, Netflix could enlist a brand new cast for a different story or potentially bring back Jiménez as Detective Lorena Ortiz to research a new offense, as previously mentioned.

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