‘The Good Doctor’: Shaun’s dinner with Lea’s parents went just as you expected

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Shaun and Lea are already a more ‘official’ couple, to say the least. The protagonists of The Good Doctor have taken a step forward in their relationship after having a dinner with the parents of Paige Spara’s character , Pam and Mike. Can you imagine how the meeting could have gone? Well yes, exactly what you imagine is what has happened.

Things have not gone very well in the first meeting between Shaun ( Freddie Highmore ) and his in-laws, but nothing that has no solution. At dinner, Pam ( Julie Warner ) and Mike ( Barclay Hope ) twisted things up a bit by asking awkward questions. The mother asked the surgeon if being autistic did not make his job more difficult and the father asked his opinion about vaccines – because of that legend that relates vaccines to autism. Dr. Murphy has managed to handle the situation with great integrity and has even allowed himself to tell some anecdote about work, but Lea’s parents came up with another idea in their heads.

After dinner, Pam texted her daughter saying they needed to talk about her relationship with Shaun. She believes that Lea is not ready to face something so complicated, but her son-in-law is willing to change their minds. By now we have already realized that if the surgeon wants to change something, he pursues it until he succeeds.

Shaun shows up at Pam and Mike’s hotel to talk about his relationship with Lea. “You say our relationship has challenges. You are right. Lea and I have been through many challenges together. It is what makes us stronger. Lea challenges me to try things, even things that I know I will not like, because it is not always better. stop and think. I make Lea more patient because I can be very frustrating. You two too, “the doctor tells them. How to contradict these words? Shaun ends up cajoling his in-laws and they schedule a new dinner.

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But he is not the only one who has had to face the examining gaze of his in-laws. Lea also receives a warning from Glassman ( Richard Schiff ). He believes that their relationship is going too fast and he is afraid of the effect she may have on Shaun, as it makes him very happy but also has the power to make him terribly unhappy. “Everything that Shaun has been through, all that rejection and pain… All the victories belong to him, but I feel all his ups and all his lows. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to stop caring about him, even if he doesn’t need me to.

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