The Good Doctor Season 4: Fans Fired Up By What Happened Between Park And Morgan In The Drama

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

With the latest episode of season 4 of The Good Doctor broadcast on ABC, fans have witnessed the unintentional rapprochement between Dr. Alex Park ( Will Yun Lee ) and Dr. Morgan Reznick ( Fiona Gubelmann ).

Recall that Park went to live in Morgan’s apartment after he separated from his wife. In addition to being colleagues at work, they have now become roommates on The Good Doctor series.

In this sense, fans of the medical drama The Good Doctor have turned on social networks talking about the relationship of both characters, whom they are seeing differently.

During the airing of the most recent episode of The Good Doctor, fans noticed how Park realized Morgan’s recklessness after she asked her about a wooden parrot that the doctor keeps in his closet, which represents a memory of his ex-wife.

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After the little incident, in The Good Doctor, unfortunately, Park, in the process of trying to talk to Morgan about what happened, the doctor breaks into her room and finds her sleeping naked under the covers. In both ways, personal boundaries were crossed.

Now, with this apparent beginning of a love affair between Park and Morgan in The Good Doctor, fans believe that romance is near. This is what they said on social media:

“Does anyone feel like a relationship is about to explode? Can’t I be the only one who feels that something is going to happen between them?”

“I don’t agree with this relationship. Please don’t turn this perfect friendship into something else.”

“I am HERE for this relationship, I really love this story. I ALWAYS thought there might have been something between Morgan and Park. “

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