The Fuel of Brand Stories is in 5 Pillars, Says Abid Dharamsey

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Abid Dharamsey

Businesses can multiply profits with brand stories established on 5 pillars in 2021, believes Abid Dharamsey. These 5 pillars can kickstart any business’ success while building loyal customer base. Abid Dharamsey, the well-known name in digital marketing, has stated that 5 key objects can help establish unforgettable brand stories, and build foundation of loyal customer base on social media. He said that digital marketers should follow these 5 pillars like they follow the law. Until the beginning of 2020, the brands had quite a clear idea of where they stand. With sudden soar in online queries and difference in buyers’ behavior post pandemic, many social media marketers committed digital sins that led to unanswerable failures. A right balance of content, advertising and brand to customer engagement can help nullify the marketing flaws and build reliable customer base.

Pillar 1 – Deliverable ROI

Around 1/3rd of businesses has acquired new customers by optimizing deliverable ROI. Although new transactions do not ensure long-term success ratios, techniques like retargeting, remarketing, incentives, and such can hep sustain the growth. Abid Dharamsey said that social media marketers need to build innovative digital experiences and also deliver short-term ROI followed by targeted social media performances.

Pillar 2 – B2C Beyond Business

“Pandemic, especially lockdown, has hit the world harshly. Although the world has started to pick up pace, people still lack the interpersonal factor in changed social setup. They miss the faces hiding behind masks and people standing at 2-feet distances. This is the time when social media must be consumed as bridging the interpersonal gap. This is the time when businesses need to talk to their customers as people, not as brands”, Abid Dharamsey told.

Pillar 3 – The Forgotten Fish

Electronic marketers have targeted baby boomers through radio and TV for decades. However, almost every third profile you see on the social media belongs to this generation. People are using social media and search engines to find answers. Above all, the fear of missing out has brought them to social media, but social media marketers should not deal them as forgotten fish. “This generation forms a huge chunk of social media, and since they are new to social media trends, they can be better targeted. Don’t forget them”, said Abid Dharamsey.

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Pillar 4 – Persona Targeted User Engagement

Building customer personas and targeting the right audience to engage can build confidence in social media marketing strategy of any business by 85%, believes Abid Dharamsey. “It’s a complicated process but once done correctly, the results of your social media marketing strategy could be surprisingly good. Its foundation exists in building accurate customer data through in-depth research, and quantify that data into user engagement on social media”, Abid Dharamsey told.

Pillar 5 – Automated CMS

“Businesses had never automated social media engagement before. When they faced belief-shaken consumers, they failed to build appropriate communication strategies. Many businesses had never given an ear to social media marketing. It was like they had to witness solar eclipse without protection. so they ended up building teams, while the consumers went off to their competitors”, Abid Dharamsey said. He elaborated that the solution is in automated content management systems. Many customer queries can be responded automatically without managing large teams. He said that automation not only minimizes the work load but also reduces the chances of error.

Abid Dharamsey also talked about how he has been working round the clock with his teams to help businesses build from scratch or fix their damaged social media presence. He takes hope in 2021 and believes that the year will end on a good note both for businesses and social media marketers.


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