The Flash Season 7: New Villain Has Been Planned Since The First Installment

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

Jon Cor will join the cast of The Flash in season 7 as the villain Chillblaine. This is an identity that has been assumed by some characters in the DC Comics continuity and each of them has had a romantic relationship with Lisa Snart.

The four Chillblaines from the main DC continuity were recruited by Barry’s (Grant Gustin) enemy Lisa Snart (Peyton List) to be his partners in The Flash.

The close association between the Chillblaines and Golden Glider leaves little doubt that the two will be reunited in The Flash season 7. Arrowverse shows have always taken the series opportunity to continue exploring existing characters.

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Lisa Snart is herself an example of this world-building, joining The Flash in season one as an accomplice to Captain Cold, who had already debuted much earlier.

Without a doubt, the close connection between Golden Glider and Chillblaine is one that the creators of The Flash will be eager to explore. What is not yet clear is how close to the source material that connection will be.

Depending on how close to the original story the creators of The Flash wish to stay, this Chillblaine may be the first of many. If so, like the original version of the character, he may be killed by Golden Glider.

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