The Flash Season 7 Finally Reveals How The Original Harrison Wells Got His Mysterious New Time Travel Powers?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

The Flash season 7 finally shows the way the original Harrison Wells got his cryptic new time-traveling powers. While it appeared like Tom Cavanagh’s time in the Arrowverse was over when Nash Wells sacrificed himself to the Artificial Speed Force, which was far from the case. Though Nash and all the other Multiverse Harrisons became a power to fuel the new Speed Force, 0.01% particles didn’t get included and that resulted in the actual Harrison being brought back to life. But Harrison had been able to immerse himself into any moment of their own past, current, and future as a brand new means to travel through time. But initially, it wasn’t explained how Harrison had received that electricity as The Flash only gave a visual tease in the form of the green energy that happens when he uses his gift.

However, The Flash season, episode 6, “The One With The Nineties” gets the answer to that puzzle. In”The One With The Nineties”, the Arrowverse introduces the Nevertheless Force, Which’s the opposite of this Rate Force. The Nevertheless Force is established to revolve around reversing time with Deon Owens introduced as its conduit. Deon may make something or somebody becomes a former type of itself as he did to Masonville where he caused the town to become the 1998 version of it. So rather than really traveling physically to the past, the Nevertheless Force may turn anything in the current time to be something that it was.

The key, however, is that when Deon was seen using his Still Force powers, it had the exact same green energy which Harrison has when he would evaporate or re-appear in a particular timeline. Deon is also effective at stopping time including anybody or anything, making the Still Force very dangerous. But due to”The One With The Nineties”, The Flash affirms that the original Harrison Wells acquired his forces from the Nevertheless Force, even though he uses it otherwise. Harrison chose to return to the past so he could keep reliving the life that he had with his wife Tess until Reverse-Flash murdered her.

But Deon was obsessed with wanting to relive some time of his own life where things were better for him even though it caused others to suffer with it. While Deon is presently planning to utilize the Nevertheless Force on a larger scale by controlling the long run, Harrison might be the key to stopping him. The further the New Forces get on The Flash, the more intriguing it’s becoming. In the fifth installment”Fear Me”, the Arrowverse introduced the DC Comics villain Psych, who symbolizes the Sage Force, and Cecile Horton’s empath forces were part of briefly stopping him.

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Though the Power Force hasn’t been dealt with since Fuerza has been introduced, there is probably a character that will become significant to stopping her, similar to how Cecile and (possibly) Harrison become the contrary to Psych and Deon respectively. With The Flash’s original Speed Force back in play since most of these other New Forces have come to exist, it’s giving Team Flash among their biggest challenges so far because the Speed Force is now having to go up against players that can actually go toe-to-toe with it.


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