The Fascinating Success Journey of the Leading IT Training Institute: Koenig Solutions

Rukhsar Bano
Rukhsar Bano
Koening Solutions

The advancement in IT technology is the greatest gift for today’s generation. These advancements have made numerous new things possible. Intelligent IT professionals have made life-changing advancements in technology. To continue this progress, the young generation should learn from experts and stay updated on the latest developments in programming languages, software development, machine learning, etc. Many IT training institutes offer courses for IT professionals so that they can learn and develop their knowledge and skills. Koenig Solutions is one such institute that gives IT professionals the required training and knowledge to help them grow in their professional lives.

The Young Talent Leading the Koenig Team

Great achievement is only possible under a great leader. Around 27 years ago, Rohit Agarwal, a computer science and engineering graduate, decided to start an institution to train IT professionals- Koenig Solutions. Nearly three decades into his journey, his experiences have taught him various aspects of life that help him take important decisions for the institution. 

The situation was very different for the young CEO when he started the company. The nation was seeing remarkable growth in the IT field. New IT institutions started sprouting up in almost every big city. It was a struggle to survive in this highly competitive market. The institution went through various struggles and short-lived moments of glory.

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Agarwal’s innovative idea of combining education and tourism has been one of the key steps in the progress of Koenig. Rohit believes in ensuring customer satisfaction and happiness and that motivates him to provide the best services and training to his clients.  

After years of struggle, Koenig has reached its best times with several awards and accolades to its credit for the high-quality training offered. This was possible because of Rohit’s efforts, wisdom, and leadership. 

The Success Story

Koenig Solutions was established in 1993 in Delhi as a small IT training institute in a congested area in Patel Nagar. The institution has survived against all the odds and has rapidly expanded overseas, with offices in the UK, the USA, Dubai, the Middle East, Canada, Australia and many other places. This global presence has made Koenig the top IT training service provider in recent times. 

Koenig Solutions is the first choice of individuals, corporates, and governments across the globe. It has trained many IT professionals from big corporate companies to government bodies, which has helped them to grow in the IT field. Several big corporations like Microsoft, Dell, Accenture, Cisco, Capgemini, and Mercedes rely on Koenig to train their employees in various cutting-edge technologies. Koenig Solutions earned the title of Microsoft Partner of the Year for three successive times in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Koenig Solutions, run by a great leader, is all set on its path to create a more prosperous world through its high-quality IT education.

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