The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of A 19 Year Old Safiha Alam Founder Of Cake O Bite

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Safiha Alam

The pandemic has plundered many businesses and is continuing to do so even to this date. Despite the drastic changes, determined individuals are defying the anomaly to carve a career path for themselves. One such adept entrepreneur is Safiha Alam, a baking expert who has turned her passion for baking into a full-fledged home business. She is a stellar example of how teenagers can leverage the power of digital space and their talent to build small-sized businesses with minimum resources.

Safiha Alam is just nineteen and while other peers of her age group are busy with complaints about the monotonous lockdown routine, she is steadily building her business that is operable from her home. Despite a grave health challenge of lower back pain with major degeneration in L1 and L3 vertebrae, she continues to work and put smiles on her customers face with cakes that ate enchanting in taste and presentation. She says, “I am not a professionally trained baker although I would love to train under a renowned pastry chef and further hone my skills. The first-ever lockdown was my first attempt at baking a cake from scratch and it turned out surprisingly good. From there began a series of experiments with different flavours, ingredients and decorative pieces.

It slowly turned into a knack for building the most challenging flavours in a cake and making them stand out from other designs. My family and friends have been very supportive of my sweet hobby and have been earnest critics of my baking. Only after winning the hearts of my acquaintances, I built an Instagram page to provide cake baking services and in-demand cake construction and customisation.”

Cakeobite receives multiple orders each day that keeps Safiha Alam engrossed in her cake baking venture day in and day out. Being a home baker has its perks as she saved expenses of renting a workshop for the same. Safiha Alam says, “The lockdown resulted in many people exploring their hobbies and passion. Even the cake baking industry is now filled with many good bakers who are giving tough competition to cakeobite. My method to stay ahead of the competition is to win my customers with fresh cake designs and flavours that aren’t common with most bakeries. Experimentation is my USP as I tend to play with ingredients and come up with unique combinations.”

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