The Diamond Maknae Of BLACKPINK Lisa Debuted With Her Solo Album It is a Tribute To Her Homeland Thailand

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Now when K-pop and Kdrama popularity is at peak all around the world. Fans have started accepting Korean culture with open arms. K-pop has now became a huge sensation and so are the different K-pop bands and artist. BLACKPINK is also one of the popular girl band of the Koop industry. And the four girls have been creating history. The members of BLACKPINK  are Lisa Manoban, Kim Ji-soo, Jennie Kim and Roseanne Park (Rosé) .

Lisa recently dropped a solo song and debuted as an solo artist. Her electrifying solo song with catchy rap line is making fans crazy.

Over 800,000 fans were waiting for the premier and watched it live. The song was a tribute to her homage Thai roots.

The song ‘LALISA’ is a powerful and hip hop song. “LALISA,” is a celebration of the rapper’s individuality: “Tell it to the world, kiss my name/ Say Lalisa love me Lalisa love me.”  Lisa looked absolutely stunning in the entire music video . From wearing sexy outfits to wearing Thai traditional outfit. She rocked each and every look in the MV .

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In a very recent interview with Billboard . Lisa shared that she change her name legally. Before she debuted with BLACKPINK . A fortune teller recommend her to do this to which she agreed. Lisa’s original name was Pranpriya Manoban which means ‘beloved soul’. And the meaning of her current name Lisa is ‘one who is praised’

You must be thinking what this has to do with her album. it is, in any case, Lisa’s solo debut album named after her now official title which is a humble homage to her a lot cherished Thai roots and additionally a celebration of the global K-pop star, the world-renowned diamond Maknae of BLACKPINK – Lalisa Manoban!

LALISA Song Making

Her solo debut song LALISA was released on 10 September 9:30 am according to IST and 1 pm according to KST. This will not only be a solo song debut but also solo album debut. The album will have one more song ‘MONEY’. Lisa revealed in her Naver stay chat that she virtually “begged” Teddy Park (BLACKPINK’s music producer) to give her these two songs and she would solely debut with these songs and no different songs.

The song LALISA is a hip hop monitor with a provocative brass riff and a dynamic rhythm fused with conventional Thai music sounds and colored with the island nation’s distinctive tradition, a heartfelt tribute to the artist’s roots! It is composed by 24, Bekuh BOOM, and Teddy Park. The lyrics are additionally written by Teddy Park and Bekuh BOOM. With the title referring to Lisa’s start title, the music expresses the energy of a title, not simply any extraordinary title however that of a highly effective, self-made global celebrity ‘LALISA’! The music is additionally a celebration of BLACKPINK’s diamond maknae’s journey to the high, her struggles and hardships and the energy she exudes together with her polished look together with high-energy performances which are inimitable and awe-inspiring. Lisa’s daring and assured rap is a testomony to how far the gifted performer has come.

MONEY Second Song in LALISA Album

MONEY’ the official B-side monitor from ‘LALISA’ is a easy, flowy and virtually conversational variety of rap. Like her title monitor ‘LALISA’, ‘MONEY’ additionally showcases one other aspect of Lisa, a aspect solely die-hard BLINKs are conscious of. Fans know that Lisa is cool as a cucumber and ‘MONEY’ portrays the “I Know I’m a Queen” aspect of Lisa completely with none trace of conceitedness about it. It is additionally an acclamation of BLACKPINK’s music, the group which has largely shaped Lisa’s skilled id – cool, chilled out and catchy, say thy title ‘LALISA

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