‘The Dance of the Fireflies’ (Netflix): There are already plans for season 2

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Just released after several months among the most anticipated new Netflix original series , The Firefly Dance premiered last week on the streaming service to quickly sneak into the already famous Top 10 of the platform. With the first season 10 episodes already in full for subscribers, the fastest viewers who have opted for ‘binge watching’ and have already seen it in full will know that it ends with a ‘cliffhanger’ that inevitably leads us to wonder about the future of the series. Will the Dance of the Fireflies season 2 have? At the moment Netflix has not renewed it officially.

Based on the novel by Kristin Hannah, Dance of the Fireflies explores the friendship of two great friends, Tully ( Katherine Heigl ) and Kate ( Sarah Chalke ) over the decades, since they met as lonely and shy teenagers. , even as adult women, having completed their professional careers and in motherhood. However – BEWARE, and here is the warning that if you have not seen the first season in full it is better that you stop reading here -, that friendship story that seemed unbreakable would leave us with a broken heart in the last episode, When Kate considers that Tully has done something unforgivable to her and decides to break up with her friend: “I don’t want to see you again.”

So yes, we will have to wait before a second season of the series that Netflix has not even commissioned yet to find out if both will find the path of reconciliation. For now, Maggie Friedman , in search of some light on the future potential of the series after the ‘cliffhanger’, although the screenwriter is cautious when discussing her plans.

“I knew Tully and Kate were going to be separated at the end of the season, but I didn’t know how I was going to dramatize it,” explains Friedman on how he made the decision to close the season in that way. “We knew we were working towards that point because it seemed to me like it was a good ‘cliffhanger’ for the first season:” Oh my gosh, wait, these girls from Firefly Lane have suddenly stopped being forever? I wanted to leave the audience asking some important questions. ”

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Also, if there is a second season, which she clearly hopes so, the ‘showrunner’ already has some plans in mind . How to maintain the structure of the first installment and continue to tell all the stories that have remained pending.

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