‘The coach thought I would not wake up after drinking 10 pegs, I scored a century’

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

New Delhi: Vinod Kambli was one of the best batsman of his era. He is the first Indian batsman to score a double century in Tests at the age of 21 years and 32 days. In 1993, Kambli scored a double century against England. The batsman who scored 1000 Test runs in 14 innings is again in the news. Kambli’s career did not last long and ended after a few years.

It came as no surprise to many cricket fans that the batsman with an average of 54, which included two double hundreds to his name, played only 17 Tests. Now, after retirement, Vinod Kambli is all set to give up his lucrative lifestyle, forced to survive on a BCCI pension of only ₹30,000 for the cricketers.

The left-hander, who reportedly scored a century after drinking 10 pegs of hard liquor last night, is now ready to quit drinking as well if he takes up a coaching role. Kambli, who once scored a century on the field even after drinking 10 pegs of alcohol, now wants to do something for cricket.

If I have to leave, I will give up alcohol
Talking to Mid-Day, Kambli said that there are rules and regulations that everyone has to follow. If there are rules that don’t allow you to do certain things, everyone should follow them. If asked to do so, I would [पीना] I’ll stop right away… never mind!

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The stylish left-handed batsman, who made headlines for the first time by sharing a record partnership with Sachin Tendulkar in school cricket, says he is ready to do whatever he can to help Mumbai cricket.

‘I am ready to work for Mumbai Cricket’

He said that I had come to CIC but it was an honorary job. I went to MCA for some help. I have a family to take care of. I told MCA many times that if you need me, I am there whether it is at Wankhede Stadium or BKC. Mumbai cricket has given me a lot. I owe my life to this game.

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