The class Trailer: This Indian remake of Elite on Netflix features murder, secrets, and drama

The Class Trailer


Class is about what happens when new students enroll in a prestigious, elite school, resulting in conflicts between working-class and wealthy classmates.

The trailer for the new series Class is released now. The series is an official remake of the Spanish drama Elite. The story begins when three new scholarship students enter the new world of Hampton International. This results in a clash between the students of two different worlds. Their entrance creates a volatile situation that ends with the death of a student. Netflix will soon launch the Indian version of this Spanish series, “Class,” on February 3.

Exploring Class Division and the Power of Teenage Emotions with Ashim Ahluwalia’s Adaptation of a Beloved Show

Ashim Ahluwalia, the program’s creator, and director said in a statement: “It was quite a struggle to adapt a show that has received a great deal of love throughout the world, especially because I wanted to revamp its cinematic sequences and set it in New Delhi.” I was keen to create something authentic and compelling—something that captured the powerful feelings of teenagers. Also on my agenda was a look at class, which we participate in daily. But which is rarely depicted correctly on TV or film.

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The excellent cast of the coming-of-age drama Class includes Gurfateh Pirzada, Moses Koul, Anjali Sivaraman, Ayesha Kanga, Chayan Chopra, Chintan Rachchh, Cwaayal Singh, Madhyama Segal, Naina Bhan, Piyush Khati, and Zeyn Shaw.

Rajesh Devraj, Kersi Khambatta, Raghav Kakkar, and Kashyap Kapoor wrote the script for the Indian version of the Class. The production of the show was done by Bhaskar Hazarika and Bodhi Tree Multimedia Limited in collaboration with Future East.

Elite’s sixth season premiered in November 2022. Netflix has now picked up the Spanish-language show for a seventh season.


Ayesha Kanga will play Yashika, Chayan Chopra will play Dhruv, Chintan Rachchh will play Faruq, Moses Koul will play Sharan, Naina Bhan will play Koel, and Zeyn Shaw will play Veer. The class also has a cast of six more actors, including Ayesha Kanga as Sharan. Rajesh Devraj (Gold), Kersi Khambatta (Being Cyrus), Raghav Kakkar (Faraaz), Bhaskar Hazarika (Ravening), and Kashyap Kapoor make up the writing crew for the show.




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