The Chinese “Kali Temple” in Kolkata Serves Momos And Noodles As Prasad

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry
The Chinese "Kali Temple" in Kolkata Serves Momos And Noodles As Prasad

As per the media reports, a temple in Kolkata famously know as “The Chinese Kali Temple” gives prasad which are made out of noodles, momos, and even chop suey to rice and vegetable dishes. The temple is located in the Matheswartala Road, Tangra, also know as China Town. This may not be the usual customary and rituals of a temple. But is it altogether wrong? People have been visiting this temple for ages and have been seeking blessings from the Goddess. As long as there is a true intention and good vibrations and no feeling of hatred in the heart. Any rituals and any temples will flourish because purity ultimately comes from within.

Diversity in India

India has always been famous and known for its diversity in culture and regions. With everybody celebrating their own traditions in their own unique manner. India is so diverse that there are lots of cultures and traditions all over. Even in s single state, there reside many people who follow their own norms values, and rituals. This is the beauty of India, there is not only diversity but at the same time also unity. Imagine the world’s largest democratic country embracing its different ideas, people, values.

For the Hindu religion, the most famous places that are no debatably true are temples. And one thing temples are famous for is prasad which are mostly ladoos or maybe some other sweet. Despite all this, I bet not everyone has heard of Chinese delicacies being served as prasad in temples. If you feel all this is impossible then you might as well get a good surprise.

About Kali Temple’s History

The rituals out there are celebrated like any other normal temple would do, but what makes it unique is its Prasad’s. This Temple was created when several Chinese refugees migrants migrated to India during the 1930s Civil war in China. It has been believed and said that almost 60 years ago a Chinese refugee saw Maa Kali in his dreams.

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After that incident, he was inspired to build that temple with the help of the other local people. Later these migrants move to Tangra. Kolkata has carried this legend for centuries and has been proudly living with it. The place Tangra is now popularly known as China Town. But the Chinese migration valued the religion, they just did not judge and overdid the local cultural values. Instead, this unique idea has taken its flight and it has given us the widely loved and preferred Chinese cuisine known as the Indo-Chinese cuisine which is also popularly known as desi Chinese.

Like any other Kali temple across India. This temple also has everything similarly prepared, like red hibiscus garlands and all the marigold garlands and to wearing of red dress which is a famous Hinduism symbol, to observing rituals. But that is not everything that makes this temple so unique yes the not-so-usual prasad served after the puja. But even the daily offerings to the deity to Maa Kali are performed quite differently. The temple mostly offers sweets, biscuits, and flowers.

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