The Bridgertons: What do the bees we see in the Netflix series mean?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Almost a month after The Bridgertons became one of the new Netflix original series to completely captivate the followers of the platform, the streaming service has confirmed the official renewal for a second season that will focus on Anthony Bridgerton ( Jonathan Bailey ).

With the most anticipated news already being a reality, fans of the series and the Julia Quinn novel saga can only wait for new news about the news of this second stage of the story, which, hopefully, will begin to arrive sooner than late. So it is only a matter of a couple of months before we begin to know new signings and other details of what is to come.

Meanwhile, the first season of The Bridgertons continues to give something to talk about and, although you may not have realized it, it houses some ‘easter eggs’ in its eight episodes that have great meaning for those who are also fans of the novels. For example? Well, the iconic bees that are already a hallmark of the series, which appear in the intro and that we see at different times in the series, including the last final scene of the first installment.

Why are bees so important at The Bridgertons ? What significance do they have in history?

As you may have noticed, there is no patriarch in the Bridgerton family. The mother of the brothers is a widow and the head of the family is Anthony Bridgerton, who has a great responsibility on his shoulders after the death of his father. Well, the bee has a lot to do with this fact. As revealed in Julia Quinn’s second novel, Sir Edmund Bridgerton, the father of the family, died from a bee sting before Hyacinth’s birthday , so somehow the bee flitting around It could be conceived as a reincarnation of this observing his family from another world.

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We will continue to see bees in season 2 of The Bridgertons , so now that we know their relationship with the family’s past, we will be more aware of this ‘easter egg’.

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