‘The Bridgertons’ (Netflix): This is why sex scenes are so important in the plot

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The Bridgertons , the title from the production company of Shonda Rhimes ( Grey’s Anatomy ), has become one of the most popular Netflix original series to date. The stories of each of the characters have managed to captivate the audience, but above all, their protagonists Daphne and Simon , played by Phoebe Dynevo and Regè-Jean Page , respectively.

Both actors share large and continuous sex scenes in the last episodes of the fiction, which take place after the marriage between them. These intimate moments play an indispensable role in the plot and in the development of the history of each one of them, and Dynevo has revealed to eonline why they are so important :

Although these types of sequences escape improvisation and are the result of a premeditated and worked choreography between the actors and actresses who interpret them, in Los Bridgertons they have wanted to give it a more realistic touch to transcend the barrier from fiction to reality.

The development of a second season has not yet been confirmed but the end of this first installment has left the doors open for a future sequel. Chris Van Dusen , creator of the series, has assured that he wants to continue exploring the famous novels of Julia Quinn , so there is still the possibility that Shondaland will continue to shape his stamp on Netflix with The Bridgertons .

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