The Boys Season 3: Stormfront and Homelander aren’t the only ones with this unusual ability

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

Viewers get a taste of how ingrained Vought’s heroes are in pop culture in The Boys, with Homelander, Translucent, and The Deep appearing in merchandise and even in fictional movies based on their real-life characters.

In season 2 of The Boys, Homelander involved an affair with Stormfront, who proved to be his possible match in terms of abilities. However, in the series premiere, there were figures in the background who share one of his key powers: flying.

In The Boys, Butcher takes Hughie to a clandestine sex club. Among the debauchery that Hughie witnesses are a shot of several intertwined Supers, suspended in midair. These are Supers with the power to fly, and they don’t appear to be Homelander or Stormfront.

The Boys have not explored the powers granted by Compound V, although it is clear that there are certain sets of powers, such as how A-Train, Shockwave, and Mister Marathon have superspeed, or how telekinesis in various forms is common.

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The Boys have suggested that Homelander and Stormfront are Super Special and that their ability to fly is part of their unusual gifts. So far, no other named characters are known to share this ability, but those people are out there.

What remains to be seen is what other powers, if any, these Super possess. Viewers may know the identity of one of these unknown Vought experiments in season 3 of The Boys.

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