The Boys Season 3: Read More To Know About Everything About This Season


The Boys season 3 place photographs show Soldier Boy’s costume. The popular Amazon Prime series, which is adapted from the eponymous comic book, has been hard at work since beginning production on its upcoming batch of episodes. Already, fans have gotten a glimpse of Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher and Antony Starr’s suiting up as Homelander.

One of the most anticipated new improvements to The Boys, however, is Soldier Boy. Set to be portrayed by Jensen Ackles, who formerly worked with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke on Supernatural, Soldier Boy has been mentioned in the sequence. Beginning with season 2, the character was namedropped. He’s mentioned specifically by Stan Edgar in a bid to keep Homelander in line, hinting at a long and impressive legacy. Now, fans have their first sneak peek of the way Soldier Boy might look when he arrives on the scene.

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In a photograph from the set of The Boys season 3, Soldier Boy is seen with a big smile as he attends the world premiere of Dawn of the Seven, a movie starring the superpowered individuals in the series. The picture, from Steve LeBlanc, also provides a glimpse of the character’s costume. You can take a look below.

Although this is simply the first preview, and a whole lot will probably change from the time The Boys season 3 leaves its premiere, the costume of Soldier Boy looks to be a departure from the source material. It maintains the color scheme, with the personality sporting a composite of white, red, and blue, but changes the general type of this attire is differentiated so that it is more by the official superpowered appearance of A-Train or The Deep. The Boys was comfortable making alterations to its source material when required. Stormfront was changed significantly, genderswapped, and given a cool veneer, to tell a more contemporary story. Victoria Neuman, who will be a focal point going into the upcoming season, was notably upgraded from the webpage to the screen.

This has resulted in a fair amount of curiosity about how the adaptation will represent Soldier Boy upon his introduction. Kripke has been careful not to disclose a lot about the personality, describing him as the John Wayne of the superhero universe and teasing that more will be discovered about the character’s history as the episodes unfold. Given everything The Boys has shown audiences up to now, where nearly every changes from their first appearance, it is a safe bet that there’s a lot more about Soldier Boy that is being kept under wraps.

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