The Boys Season 3: Amazon Prime Video Release Date And Will Aya Cash’s Stormfront Be Back?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The next season of Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys” came to a bloody decision in October and fans are attempting to work out what they could about Season 3. And while all of you weekly-rollout haters are rethinking your place today that the newest episodes have dried up, TheWrap has been rounding up every detail concerning the next season of Eric Kripke’s raunchy superhero show that we now have.

See our listing below and check back for updates as more information on “The Boys” Season 3 becomes accessible.

When will it begin filming?

It has already started! “The Boys” showrunner Eric Kripke shared this picture in the group in Toronto Wednesday, marking the beginning of creation, fulfilling his expectation that filming Season 3 could start in ancient 2021. Stars Karl Urban and Erin Moriarty also shared pics in the collection, which you may see here and here.

When will it premiere?

We do not have an answer for this one however. However, for what it is worth, season one premiered in July 2019 and 2020’s Season 2 premiered in September so that your guess is as good as ours.

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The Cast Of  The Boys Season 3

Yes! Kripke is re-teaming using “Supernatural” celebrity Jensen Ackles, who is heading to “The Boys” today that the 15th and last season of this CW drama has ended — to play Soldier Boy in Season 3. Feb Amazon, Soldier Boy is called”the first superhero,” who fought in World War II and eventually became “the very first super star, and a mainstay of American culture for years.”

Soldier Boy was part of the group Payback at “The Boys” comic books, made by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson, and Kripke informed Entertainment Weekly, Season 3 will investigate “the background of the team and the members inside.”

Will Aya Cash’s Stormfront be back?

“She is not dead. She is ‘Stumpfront’ today,” Kripke informed TheWrap if we asked this question following the Nazi supe got burnt into some not-quite-dead crisp by Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) at the Season 2 finale. “You understand no comment about if she comes back, however, she’s forever going to be such sort of mutilated, stubby little Nazi, which we believed was the ideal punishment for someone who believed in Aryan purity. And keep in mind, she ages quite gradually to age, so she has got a very long time to be alive inside this messed-up state. So I believe she deserves that.”

What do we know about the plot?

Well, Butcher (Karl Urban) will be grieving the death of Becca (Shantel VanSanten) — that occurred by accident, as the consequence of Ryan hoping to rescue his mom from Stormfront — that is for certain.

“Without speaking a lot about Season 3, mentally, the Butcher we see in the conclusion of the season proceeds but with a vengeance,” Kripke informed TheWrap in October. “He is at war with himself. There is a part of him that is represented by Becca and Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Ryan, there is like a portion of these that only has humankind. It is a little part, but it is part. And another part of him is his dad, and violence and anger and unprocessed anger. And those 2 sides of him are actually at war at Season 3 since he is furious. And he can not truly be angry at the child. And so he is angry at Homelander. So he is a wreck. And those 2 sides struggle in year three.”

Meanwhile, Hughie is away attempting to fight Vought more safely by working to the task force headed up by congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) — that just so happens to be a super himself as well as also the one responsible for killing all those individuals in the Vought congressional hearings.

“Hughie type of unintentionally is heading to the lion’s den,” Kripke said. “You know he has this sort of sword dangling over his mind as he goes to work in the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, the FBSA. Also, you know, the entire time there is this tension that she actually is. And later, he is gonna detect that, obviously, and we are going to actually unpack who she is and she’s doing exactly what she is doing. And I think there are surprises ahead on this.”

More lately, Kripke revealed the season may also incorporate an episode titled “Herogasm,” which covers a notorious plot by the comics. More about that here.

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