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‘The Big Bang Theory’: Mayim Bialik explains why Sheldon And Amy were so special

Since The Big Bang Theory began , the great couple of the series consisted of Leonard ( Johnny Galecki ) and Penny ( Kaley Cuoco ). From the beginning there was a lot of attraction between them and, since their personalities did not seem to fit, they aroused a lot of curiosity among the public. However, her role was put aside when Sheldon met Amy Farrah-Fowler. The scientist, not interested in relationships, suddenly had a love affair.

Mayim Bialik , actress of the ‘sitcom’, recently spoke about what made the couple Sheldon and Amy so special and hooked the public . The fact that many seasons went by without maintaining relationships was unheard of in a series and made them stand out from the rest.

The characters of Bialik and Jim Parsons seemed to be a better fit than Penny and Leonard, but their story was much slower. Their first relationship took place in the ninth season and was one of the most anticipated things by fans. Two seasons later, the scientists got married and closed a very special plot.

And it seems that the good connection and understanding between the characters carried over the screen because Parsons and Bialik have embarked on a new project together after the end of The Big Bang Theory . Both produce Call Me Kat , a ‘sitcom’ based on the British Miranda that Bialik herself stars in.

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