The 100 Season 8: The Series That Will Continue With The 100 Could Be Taken As An Eighth Installment

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

Rather than stick to the network’s proven teen drama formula, The 100 went further and became a proper sci-fi series with twists, turns, and new worlds to boot.

The 100 seasons 8 may never happen But there is always the possibility of rebirth. The 100 has been a consistent performer for the network. However, fans can now look forward to the prequel series.

The 100 seasons 7, episode 8, “Anaconda” was a flashback episode that sets the story for the proposed prequel, taking place 97 years before the episodes of season 1.

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The 100 prequel series, which currently remains untitled, is believed to pick up where “Anaconda” left off, with Callie on the surface trying to save the human race while her brother, Reese, pursues her.

The settings have been established and the main players have been chosen, so the only remaining obstacle is The CW, finally giving the green light to the prequel to The 100.

According to The 100 series creator Jason Rothenberg, the network has yet to make a decision, but it is still being actively discussed. The CW is certainly taking its time to determine the correct course of action.

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