The 10 most popular Essential Oils for Aphrodisiac

Essential oil

The most frequently asked question from the ladies to me is that “are there any essential oils scents that come loaded with aphrodisiac properties or the attractive power with can turn men on?” My answer to them is a big YES! Some couples struggle with their marital relationships. Intimacy can join their individual souls as one and life would be full of pleasure and joy. It is the way of making love. Mix some aroma of essential oils in your life and get ready for a better relationship.

But how does essential oil scents work? I think the main impact is caused by the fragrance. It calms all the mental and physical activities. The mental issues like depression and fatigue are relieved when we come in contact with these aphrodisiac essential oil scents. It also creates a pleasant environment and the most amazing fact it increases the desire to make love.

The Essential Oils with Aphrodisiac Properties

  • Sandalwood

The scent of Sandalwood’s essential oil acts as relaxant and sedative in nature. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and increases the urination rate in human’s body. If we talk about its aphrodisiac properties then Sandalwood has a very seductive fragrance which imminently attracts someone.

  • Ylang ylang

The best scent for setting up a romantic background. Beautiful floral fragrance increases sexual desire. Ylang ylang is considered to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiac scent out of all other essential oils.

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  • Atlas cedar

To encourage romance and sexual desires Atlas cedar is a renowned essential oil. The scent is divine, woody and warm.

  • Patchouli

The perfect aromatic oil match for balancing sexual desires. It also has woody smell. It also used for manufacturing insecticides and perfumes.

  • Rose

The essential oil of rose is very expensive because of its extraction process. The scent is very rich, sensual and the sweetest floral scent. It should be used in very little amount as  very powerful. The oil also works as an antioxidant and can be used skin and hair care.

  • Neroli

The essential oil extracted from the flowers of Seville Oranges. It used for making perfume. The scent is sweet and honeyed. It creates a soothing effect for heart and calms the nerves.


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