Thala Ajith’s latest look from Valimai shooting spot goes viral on social media

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

Thala Ajith started shooting for H. Vinoth’s movie Valimai just before lockdown. Filming was halted due to a coronavirus problem. In this situation, they have resumed shooting again from yesterday.

Filming is currently underway at Ramojirao Film City in Hyderabad. Fans gathered there eager to see Ajith. Ajith took photos with the fans. The photos went viral on social media.

Tears of joy came to the fans who saw Ajith fit in the photos. Fans who saw Ajith’s photos said, “The fitness of the Thala is at a different level. Looking at those photos I remember what Vivek said in the movie Alwar. Vivek was right when he said that Ajith can increase or decrease weight whenever he want.”

Earlier it was said that Ajith will not be participating in the filming for the time being. But he changed his mind and attended the shooting. Even recently, a video of Ajith coming out with his wife was released.

Ajith seen in that video has nothing to do with the current Ajith. Fans are wondering how Ajith managed to lose weight and get fit so quickly. Fans say that lifting and losing weight is not a big deal for Ajith.

Valimai has bike and car race scenes in the film. Vinoth had planned to shoot the scenes abroad. But Vinoth has decided to shoot in India as the coronavirus problem is not currently solved. In this situation, they asked permission to hold shooting at a place where shooting had not yet taken place in Delhi. But the Delhi government has refused permission.

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