Technophile Manthan Dudeja shares his tryst with the digital world.

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Manthan Dudeja

Success comes to those who earn it with a staunch will. Manthan Dudeja is a man of grit who
made big with perseverance and passion. He is a renowned website designer, blogger,
entrepreneur, digital marketer, Android/iOS programmer and a technophile by heart. Dudeja
himself spills out the secret of his success and shares his entrepreneurial journey and love for
the digital world.

Manthan Dudeja hails from Karnal, Haryana. As a kid, he was an avid computer user who
initially was fond of computer games. Then he developed a curiosity for the programming and
algorithm behind it, which was the stepping stone to his stellar career. This tech enthusiast is
pursuing his bachelor’s degree in computer information technology from California State
University. Dudeja was envisioned to be an entrepreneur and a man of the digital world.

Manthan Dudeja said, ‘Nothing comes easy. If you want it, you have to pay for it.’ The long and
winding road he walked through has been a strenuous one. He learnt from his failures, and
broad experience made his portfolio captivating. Dudeja just followed his passion and nodded
for whatever came his way as Dudeja believes that every single experience counts. He tried his
hands in marketing and became an outstanding digital marketer. Dudeja said, ‘Long periods of
crushing and persistent efforts towards my goal improved me as a person and added more value
to my life.’

Manthan Dudeja never looked back. He was pivoted to chasing dreams. Dudeja was Editor at
atechwebsite. He was winning it all at a very young age. Dudeja is master of many hats. He then
became editor-in-chief at Tech World Zone. With sheer difficult work and diligence, Manthan
Dudeja aspired to progress significantly. His journey has been a roller coaster ride, but he
manages to witness skyrocketing growth.

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On this, he added, “I never take success for granted. I feel it is just a step that I have climbed
upon; the full stair is still left to explore.” Manthan Dudeja also walks his talk. Sticking to his
philosophy of success, he kept exploring more and keen interest in blogging also. As a
passionate blogger and entrepreneur, he started the digital venture, his blog, ‘Techcrack’ where
he shares the latest technological developments and information related to the tech tools.
Being founder and blogger of Techcrack, Manthan Dudeja has earned fame in the world of
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