Taxi-Top Garden: Thai Cab Drivers Turn Idle Taxis Into Garden

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

The total number of confirmed covid cases in Thailand is a whopping 1.4 million. It has over 14,000 deaths due to the virus. As Covid-19 surges in Thailand, there is a huge number of cabs that are left idle. Thailand has imposed strict Covid-19 restrictions. The restrictions have left the city’s bustling streets quiet. As a result, it has put taxi drivers out of work. Many drivers left the city for their villages as fares have drowned. However, the taxi drivers of Thailand have found the silver lining in this situation. Thai cabbies are making the most of the idled cabs’ roofs by establishing small vegetable gardens.

Taxi Graveyard: An Opportunity in Disguise

Now, Ratchapruk and Bovorn Taxi cooperatives have 500 cars left on Thailand’s streets. However, another 2,500 cabs are parked at a number of city sites. The 54-year-old executive, Thapakorn Assawalertkul, said ” This was our last option. We figured we’d grow vegetables and farm frogs on the roofs of these taxis.” He added that a lot of their vehicles had an outstanding loan. Tourists are the backbone of the Thai taxi industry. But, due to strict lockdown and an increasing number of covid cases in Thailand, the taxi trade has collapsed.

The taxi cooperative members decided to build miniature gardens.  They used black plastic garbage bags stringing across bamboo frames. Thereafter, they added the soil in which different vegetables will grow. Vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and string beans were planted in the taxi garden. Green shoots sprouted in the open-air parking lot in the west of the Thai capital. It was fed by monsoon rains. The garden looked beautiful on the roofs and bonnets of pink and orange taxis.

The eggplants, chilies, cucumbers, courgettes, and basil are grown on the cars. It will help feed the out-of-work drivers and employees.
can even sell the surplus at local markets.

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