Taliban’s Second Official Meeting: India Offered Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

The second official meeting between India and the Taliban was on the Moscow Front talks held on Wednesday. The Taliban side was led by Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanagi and the Indian side was led by MEA joint secretary JP Singh. Taliban declared that India has offered humanitarian aid to them. Afghanistan’s condition has not been very great since the day the Taliban took over. Taliban control over Afghanistan has worsened the situation of Afghanistan.

Current Situation in Afghanistan

For the unversed, the Taliban is a terrorist organization that dethroned the democratic government of Afghanistan and has now taken over the country. People are afraid of what is going to happen next. When US troops withdrew, it was assumed by the world that the Taliban will be able to take over. It eventually did take over although Afghanistan’s army tried their best to protect their country they did not have enough arms and skills so that they could fight the Taliban. The former president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani flew away with some of the ministers leaving Afghans helpless.

India’s Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

Afghanistan is facing an economic crisis. Prices for food and other necessary items have risen. Also, most of the banks are closed in Afghanistan. According to UN reports, there is very limited access to cash and the possibility of food shortages. Before the Taliban took over, more than 30 per cent of the population of Afghanistan was facing acute food insecurity and now it has risen to 40 percent. The humanitarian aid has halted after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The reasons were security concerns and the Taliban’s worst right records. To prevent a worse situation, there is a need for more governmental donors to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

In the second official meeting of the Taliban and India, India has come forward to help Afghanistan. India has finally talked about providing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in this meeting. Moreover, India has finally shown “readiness” towards providing humanitarian help. It was the first public acknowledgement of an official meeting with India by the Taliban.

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Above all, the Taliban stated that it is essential to understand each other’s concerns and improve their economic and diplomatic relations. India, being neighbouring wants to provide humanitarian aid and was considering sending 50,000 MT of what and medical  Afghan people. Therefore, India wants to stand with the Afghan people. Taliban stated that humanitarian aid followed Prime Minister’s call in his G20 address for urgent and direct assistance to the Afghan people and a planned administration to curb a humanitarian crisis.

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