Taliban Takes Control Over Kabul And Other Big Cities Of Afganistan

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Taliban Takes Control Over Afganistan

Taliban takes control over the presidential palace of Kabul when the Afganistan government collapsed on Sunday after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and also according to the reports Taliban is all set to capture the capital city and declare it as the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan. Former president Ashraf Ghani took to his social media handle where he told that he left his country to avoid any kind of bloodshed.

He said, “If there were still countless countrymen martyred and they would face destruction and destruction of Kabul city, the result would have been a big human disaster in this 6-million city. The Taliban have made it to remove me, they’re here to attack all Kabul and the people of Kabul.” Some local media referred to him as a “Coward” to leave the citizens in chaos. Head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah was quite disappointed, whereby releasing a video he criticized Ghani’s departure by referring to him as “Former” and told, “God will behold him (Ashraf Ghani) accountable.”. He also asked the public and the Afghan army to keep calm and co-operate.

There was also a rumor about Vice President Amrullah Saleh that he too fled away but reacting to such rumors, Saleh tweeted, “In my soil. With d people. For a cause & purpose. With a solid belief in righteousness.”

India’s security was astonished to witness such a sudden takeover of Kabul by the Taliban. A govt source said, “We were surprised at the rapid gains made by the Taliban,” and another source stated that India would send flights to Kabul to bring the stranded citizens of Kabul, “We are monitoring the situation closely and will take all necessary steps to evacuate our nationals stranded in Afghanistan,”.

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According to the anonymous thirds source, “It’s also possible that this has been agreed upon in advance with the Americans at the Doha talks. We will have to wait and watch how this turns out,”. Taliban has taken control of eight out of 34 provincial capitals in Afghanistan and is threatening to cease more.

Hundreds of people were seen forcing their way into the military flight which was there to board diplomats and embassy staff members. Five people died but according to one of the witnesses, the cause of their death is unknown, whether they died because of the stampede or because of the gunshot fired by the American troops to scatter the crowd. Increasing violence is more terrifying for the women in Afghanistan which the world must not look away from.

In early July when the Taliban took swift control of Badakhshan and Takhar, they ordered the local religious to provide them the list of girls over 15 years of age and a list of widows too, under the age of 45, to get them married to the Taliban fighters. The Afghan Government spokesperson said, “Women and children are suffering the most and our forces are trying to save democracy. The world should understand and help us.”

China released a statement, they are willing to establish “friendly relations” with the Taliban just after they have seized control of the country.

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