Take a look at how BTS members Jin and J-Hope share glimpses of their daily lives on social media

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

BTS members Jin and J-Hope posted photos on Instagram showing off their gorgeous smiles

Jin and J hope shared some Adorable Photos of Themselves on Instagram

Jin and J-Hope are South Korean singers and songwriters who are also members of the boy band BTS. The BTS boys have a massive fan base all over the world, as well as on social media, where they frequently share sneak peeks into their daily lives to keep their fans up to date.


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Jin and J-Hope recently took to Instagram to share glimpses of their daily lives. While Jin shared some adorable photos of himself wearing a blue-lining shirt and sipping his drink, J-Hope shared some dashing photos of himself posing with Kid Laroi.

Jin is seen casually sitting and smiling in the photos, whereas in J-post, Hope’s he and the Kid Laroi both appear to be having a good time while dressed in all-black outfits. J-Hope was spotted wearing a black full-sleeved t-shirt, oversized pants, and a leather belt. In addition, the singer was seen wearing a white mask and a black cap.


Meanwhile, in terms of their singing careers, Jin recently sparked speculation that he is the next member of the K-pop band to make his solo debut, with the ARMYs eagerly awaiting. J-fans, hope’s on the other hand, are speculating about a collaboration between him and Kid Laroi, an Australian singer. As previously reported, J-hope recently collaborated with Korean singer Crush on “Rush Hour,” and he may be working on a new project with the Australian singer.

BTS J-Hope, also known as Hobi, met Kid Laroi, who is currently in Seoul for a concert. For those who are unfamiliar, Laroi’s agency Ithaca merged with HYBE a long time ago. Laroi is now a BTS co-label member.

bts kid laroi

They met at the newly constructed HYBE building. They met and took some incredible photos. The boys, dressed entirely in black, managed to appear breathless. Laroi even took to Twitter to share photos of himself with the idol. He captioned it, “Made a new friend.”

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