Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The Arrowverse runs its course, and while we’ve lost track of it too often, no one has missed the upcoming release of ‘Superman and Lois’. The series about the couple will show the man of steel as a family man alongside his wife.

Starring Tyler Hoechlin, as Clark Kent, and Elizabeth Tulloch, as Lois Lane, the fiction will present the two iconic characters as parents, leaving their most heroic adventures in the background and enhancing the humor and daily life of the two characters.

We understand that in the style of ‘The Incredibles’, in the series we will see the couple as parents of two teenagers, with all the problems that that entails.

At the beginning of December, Hoechlin’s suit as Superman was revealed, which also brought his controversy, and that the actor defended as follows:

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‘Superman and Lois’ will premiere on Tuesday, February 23, The CW but it still has no date (it is expected to be on HBO ) for its premiere in our country.

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