Supergirl: In This Brilliant Way The CW Can Expand Its Legacy In The Arrowverse

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

Kara Zor-El’s story in the Arrowverse doesn’t necessarily have to end with him, a prequel may continue to unfold with her and her sister Alex’s life before Kara became Supergirl.

Izabella Vidovic and Olivia Nikkanen, who play young Kara and Alex, have thrilled fans with recent posts on social media showing they are together in Vancouver, where Supergirl is filming.

Expand the legacy Arrowverse of Supergirl through a series prequel starring Vidovic and Nikkanen would be a brilliant move for The CW, fans would be eager for a separate series that focuses on them.

With a prequel to the Danvers sisters in the Arrowverse, The CW can provide viewers with a protagonist to support, one who deals not only with the challenges of growing up but also with Supergirl’s continued discovery of new superpowers.

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A prequel to the Danvers sisters also offers a wide variety of stories on Supergirl. How young Kara reacts when each new superpower manifests would be an idea.

Kara’s relationship with her foster mother Eliza could be explored. Superman and J’onn J’onzz, the latter fulfilling his promise to Jeremiah Danvers in Dying Supergirl to watch over his daughters, could make cameos.

There are endless stories to explore in the years between Midvale and National City. It’s a mutual benefit for fans of Supergirl and the Arrowverse.

By sharing untold stories from Kara Zor-El’s life before becoming Supergirl, The CW can continue to expand the legacy of one of its most popular heroes beyond the conclusion of Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl.

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