Sunny Bundel From PC Builder, To Enter in Email Outreaching Business

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Sunny Bundel

It seems great when new entrepreneurs make their way to the top at such a young age. Here is the story of one such entrepreneur Sunny Bundel who started his own company at a very young age and is now planning on building a new company.

Sunny Bundel was just 15 years of age when he decided to build a company of his own and working hard for 8 years he came up Founded his company ‘PC Builder’ which is a website to build custom pc without any compatibility issues. He started on his dream project when he was in college and took him more than 2 years to complete it and within 3 months of its launch, it became a quite popular tool.

Sunny Bundel mentioned in his interview that “As the world is getting digital every business needs a PC for their business to grow but not everyone knows what PC they need for their business, and where their tool helps users to get what they want”.

Now he is planning on starting a new company named ‘Mail Pitch’ which he told in the interview that it is a tool that will help users to automate their email outreaching and to send cold emails.

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“If you are dedicated enough then you can make your dream into reality”. This is the case of many of the entrepreneurs like Sunny Bundel who achieved such great heights just with their dedication and hard work.

As for those who don’t know about Sunny Bundel, before starting PC Builder he works as a full-stack developer and blogger. He provides guidance to the new blogger through his blog ‘MyTechTalky’ and teaches them on how to be successful in digital marketing.

If you want to be an entrepreneur then you also need to work hard in your life to achieve what you dream of. It is always such inspiration to see such young entrepreneurs working hard for their dreams.

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