Sunil Dutt Birthday Special Story, Know About Sunil Dutt Life, Journey And Unknown Fact

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Sunil Dutt Birthday: On 6 June 1929, a person was born who ruled the Hindi cinema world. From films to politics, the name of this person has always been illuminated and is still shining as Sanjay Dutt. Yes, we talk about Bollywood’s biggest veteran late actor Sunil Dutt, the life story of actor Sanjay Dutt’s father Sunil Dutt was full of struggles and ups and downs, but with his hard work and perseverance, he made every effort. Flags of success were raised in the field. In this article, on the occasion of Sunil Dutt’s birth anniversary, we will throw light on every aspect related to his life.

The story of struggle started in childhood

Born in a poor family of Khurdi village of Jhelum district of Punjab state before Partition, the story of Sunil Dutt’s struggle started from his childhood. At the age of 5 years, the shadow of father was lifted from Sunil Dutt’s head. In such a situation, Sunil Dutt saw a lot of sufferings to live life before independent India. Son Sunil Dutt was brought up somehow through mother Kulwanti Devi. During this, Sunil continued his studies and came to Mumbai for higher level education. After coming to Mumbai, Sunil Dutt took admission from Jai Hind College.

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Did the job of a bus conductor to feed

When Sunil Dutt was studying in college. During that time his financial condition was very bad. In such a situation, Sunil Dutt started wandering here and there in search of a job to feed himself in the city of stars, Mumbai. After hard work, Sunil Dutt got a job as a conductor in the buses of Mumbai Best. Due to which Sunil Marra’s expenses started running every day.

Started career with radio jockey

While working as a bus conductor, there was always a question in Sunil Dutt’s mind that I have to do something big. After college, Sunil Dutt started his career not as an actor but through radio jockeys. Sunil Dutt was posted as the most famous announcer of Hindi at that time in Radio Ceylon. Although the dream of becoming an actor was always flourishing in him.

Got the first break in Bollywood like this

After working as an RJ for years, Sunil Dutt’s luck shone when he got his first film in 1955, 8 years after independent India. The name of the film was Railway Platform. However, this film of Sunil could not show anything special. But after this Sunil Dutt got an important role in the film Mother India along with Bollywood veteran Nargis. What was it then, after this Sunil Dutt did not look back and Mother India proved to be a superhit. Not only this, Nargis and Sunil Dutt’s Mother India became the first film in India to be nominated for an Oscar.

The actress whose son Sunil Dutt became her husband in the film, later became her own husband.

The love story of Sunil Dutt and Nargis is written in golden pages in Bollywood. Sunil Dutt played the role of Nargis’s son in the film Mother India. But during the shooting of this film, once a fire broke out on the set, in which Nargis got trapped. In such a situation, Sunil Dutt, without caring about his life, saved him from the flames. During this, Sunil also suffered a lot of injuries. It was from here that Sunil made a home in Nargis’s heart. Both of them fell in love with this film and on March 11, 1958, Nargis and Sunil became each other. After this, both of them also have three children, whose names are Priya Dutt, Namrata Dutt and superstar actor Sanjay Dutt. Sunil Dutt’s name is still being illuminated on his own.

Sunil Dutt was also the ruler of politics

Sunil Dutt, who spread his supremacy in the film world, also showed his power in politics during his lifetime. Sunil Dutt was also a Rajya Sabha MP during the Manmohan Singh government in the country at that time. Apart from this, he was given the charge of Minister of Youth and Sports Department under this government. During this, Sunil Dutt had helped the needy a lot by staying in politics.

Sunil Dutt had become immortal forever in everyone’s hearts.

In the film Sanju, we all have seen that the biggest role was played by his father Sunil Dutt to handle the career of actor Sanjay Dutt. On this basis, Sunil Dutt won everyone’s heart in the role of Murli Prasad’s father in Munna Bhai MBBS, the biggest superhit film of Sanjay Dutt’s career. This was the last film in the year 2003, in which Sunil Dutt made a home in everyone’s hearts through his performance. Two years later, on May 25, 2005, Sunil Dutt died due to a heart attack. Under which a well-known artist and qualified politician said goodbye to the world

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