Success Story of White Lily by Navneet Sidhu

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
White Lily by Navneet Sidhu

We have found a lady who never underestimates the power of a great outfit. Navneet Sidhu, a fierce women entrepreneur successfully running the Fashion Bizz and making sure everyone stops and stares while you walk around like a goddess in her exemplary label. Sidhu started her career in 2012, with limited resources but pure dedication and the will to change certain aspects of the fashion industry. Today her brand White Lily is all about Grandeur, Class and Style combined.

For her, fashion is something that defines a person. The confidence to enter the field was hyped during her own wedding shopping where she couldn’t find what suits her the best. At first, there was nothing eccentric, but when she got the chance to customize her own outfits that were pure of her talent, amazed her to learn about how clothes were put together, and the desire to have her own label began shortly.



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Her passion for the field of fashion gave birth to her exemplary couture brand, White Lily. Sidhu’s brand is as exclusive as the name and offers an array of statement-making apparel, ranging from bridal, and party wear, to formals and more. Speaking of her inspiration, she was intrigued by all Pakistani designs, bold and vibrant colors, and even unique works that many premium brands haven’t touched as of now.

 Sticking to just one particular design is not Navneet’s thing, she likes to explore, mix and match and form a piece that shouts glamours and luxury. White Lily has been around for 10 years and there is not a single day that Sidhu has not felt passionate about it. You give her a plain cloth and she’ll design the piece in such a way that you’ll become obsessed with her apparel.


 Every bride dreams to look stunning in her lehenga and Navneet makes sure every customer leaves with a smile when they visit her store. Speaking of Bridal, she has recently launched the latest bridal collection titled Marrakesh: Morocco Bridal, the campaign was shot in Morocco and the designs speak for themselves. Her other fresh collections with elegant colors and modern designs are everything your wardrobe desires at the moment. Not just for traditional but White Lily offers some great formal wear that will give boss lady vibes wherever you go.

 White Lily was built to bring your style to life and Navneet has made sure to rule over the fashion industry in Chandigarh with her fresh and beautiful designs.

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