Struggling With WFH Blues – Check Out 6 Best Pocket-Friendly Workations

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Struggling With WFH Blues

This pandemic has had a  great effect on our lifestyle and replaced our workstations with our own comfortable spaces.  The office meetings are now being done in google meetings, zoom meetings,s, and other online platforms.  Not showing up our own sleepy face, and presented our idea is has replaced the early morning struggles.  Google forms, has now started up to list up until our opinions, likes, and dislikes, and what not the list never stops.

There is a new disease other than covid which is infecting mostly all the employees and workers called WFH full form Work From Home Blues meaning, what people miss about their workstation the most. So what we need the mode as an antidote is what is called “Workation”. So,  now anyone would wonder, what is “Workation” ?, here is the answer, Workation is simply a vacation with work, i.e enjoy great places of India, get adored and comfortable in the cozy accommodations, with outstanding Wi-Fi connectivity, and work along. So, here is a list of 6 budget-friendly Workation destinations in India, to get recovered from WFH blues:

  1. GOA

Like of course Goa is a must place. Goa is the most affordable, budget-friendly, breezy, and a perfect place for work too.  Enjoy the beaches, let your mouth taste the delicacies of Goa, and let your face feel the breezes while working and relaxing.  But yes, the corona will now leave us, so why not keep ourselves protected, therefore never forget to wear your masks, and sanitize yourself whenever required.  And let that friend of yours are your great pictures of Goa, who always brags having enjoyed in Goa when you missed your chance.

2. BIR

Bir, a place meant for people craving beauty and enjoyment. And of course, if you are a mountain person, Bir is calling you up. A place is famous for its paragliding ( India’s highest paragliding spot in the world). This out of your imagination will make you feel the Tibetan assent in a different part of its town. So, pack up and pick up the coziest accommodation, take a cup of hot chocolate, and feel the vibe while working. Remember not to compromise with safety.

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Workspace and surrounding while working is very important, as it increases the quality of work.  Looking for a peaceful and shanti wala place, visit Gangtok. This place will cut you off from the overcrowded tech cities.  For peace and satisfaction, you can always visit Buddhist Monasteries.  So, get yourself taken up by a comfortable place and enjoy your work.


Love colors, cultures, and lakes, pack your things, and land yourself to Udaipur.  the city of lakes, with a touch of Havelis and architecture. This will make you miss it . Working from this place, while your eyes are getting comfortness in the beauty of lakes, will make you feel really good.  The lake Pichola will make you get a refreshing vibe.


In love with flora and fauna, and hill station. This place is wanting to hear up from you. Matheran, a totally environmentally friendly place, meant for all Mumbaikers who are starving for a road trip. Let yourself open up to waterfalls, too many points like Panoroma point, verdant valleys, and whatnot.


One more place beach lovers, one of the most relaxing places for workation.  You can start from a coffee to outstanding Boulevard, a city with Portuguese scent and architecture.  A great place for both old school and metro cities. Relax on beaches, get accommodation, and work relaxingly.


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