Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Plot, Trailer And Latest Information

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Stranger Things, the nostalgia-laden sci-fi experience, was verified for a fourth season ago in September 2019. Fans can anticipate some replies following the Battle of Starcourt,’ the volatile season three finale which saw some substantial plotlines collide. Although the release date isn’t yet supported, the teaser trailer, that dropped on May 6, 2021, if at least satisfy fan cravings for a bit until they can finally revisit the upside-down town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Stranger Things Season 4 Plot

The disappearance of young Will Byers catalyzes the odd various strange events in the little town. Throughout their efforts to his friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas find the secrets of the town lab. It is soon revealed that this laboratory, performing research to the United States Department of Energy, has accidentally made a portal to an alternate dimension, “the Upside Down.” The friends reunite, and with the help of a young woman who escapes from the lab must shield the world from the paranormal risks released by the lab.

The next season is set a few months later; while navigating adolescent phobias, the group must again struggle with sinister elements who wish to reopen the gateway into the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for the fourth season brings us back in time. The clip shows at which Dr. Brenner, the main antagonist in the first season, performed his experiments on kids. We see numerous children in the exact same hospital dresses which Eleven used in string one. The trailer ends with a voiceover saying, “Eleven are you currently listening”? And cuts to Eleven waking up in shock. The trailers menacing music and tone point to an exciting year ahead

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Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date

Even though there is no official release date, the official information from the cast concerning the filming of this current season means fans can expect to see the show back on air next year.

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