Stranger Things Season 4 Filming Is Still Far From Being Done According To Gaten Matarazzo?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Stranger Things season 4 filming remains far from being performed according to Gaten Matarazzo, with the actor saying production programs are flexible as a result of the continuing pandemic. Matarazzo is among the core cast members of this show, having emerged as fan-favorite Dustin Henderson across all seasons so far. Stranger Things also celebrities Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp within an ever-growing ensemble cast. Season 4 has been beset by delays due to this COVID-19 pandemic and still hasn’t finished filming, despite having begun production in ancient 2020.

The shutdown did allow the show’s authors to finish all Stranger Things season 4 broadcasts, however, and all the episode titles were released in late 2020. Apart from that, little is understood of season 4’s plot, past what’s been seen in a very early teaser trailer that revealed David Harbour’s Hopper returns from the dead in some capacity. There have also been a number of set photos released revealing that Upside Down takes over a trailer park in season 4. But despite getting production up and running in late autumn, and having all of their scripts nailed down, Matarazzo claims that Stranger Things season 4 is still some way off completing production.

Talking to Collider, Matarazzo states that even though it has been nice to be able to know all of the details of each episode on season 4, rather than only getting the scripts for the last few episodes mid-production like in previous seasons, filming schedules have not been reliable now around. Putting the blame at the door of this pandemic, the 18-year-old says that even when he gets booked to take, he is unsure whether it will happen until the very final minute, as strategies may change with the pandemic protocols set up. As a result, he says, there’s”no method” to know when the season will wrap shooting. You can read his full comments below:

There are not many dates that are dependable. It truly is more of a guesstimation on when we are gonna be filming next, when we’re gonna be wrapping up when release is going be, all that jazz because we don’t understand on day-to-day if we are gonna be filming next week. I must be filming just like next month for a bigger chunk than I have had in a bit, but even though it is coming up in about two weeks from now still don’t know an exact date. So because of that, there’s no way to determine when we’re gonna be wrapping.

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Matarazzo’s revelation is affirmation not only that film and TV production has shifted drastically due to the outbreak, but also that audiences will need to stay patient until they could see Stranger Things season 4. If filming is not even close to done yet, so the chances of summer or even fall release date for the show are slim. Obviously, post-production might be ahead of schedule due to the long filming fractures, but there are no guarantee things will be complete any time soon.

The delay is a double-edged sword to the show. While it means audiences will not acquire new episodes for a while, however, in addition, it suggests that expectation for Stranger Things season 4 will be unbelievably high. And after season 3 divided audiences using a change in focus and tone, revealing a few of the series’s significant flaws, that will be a fantastic thing. But allow the break run long enough, and audiences may have moved on to other shows, leaving Stranger Things previously.

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