Stranger Things Revealed Hopper To Be Alive In Russia With A Season 4 Teaser?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Stranger Things revealed Hopper to be living in Russia using a season 4 teaser, but season 3’s callback to Will’s season 1 death fakeout already indicated he’d endure, though in a dangerous atmosphere. Stranger Things has turned into among the most popular television shows in recent history, with a lot of its popularity due to the likability of its most important characters such as Hopper. The previous 3 seasons have featured the deaths of beloved characters like Bob, Barb, and Billy, but characters from the core group have yet to really be killed off; every time that it ends up as a fakeout.

The final episode of season 3 ended with the information of Hopper expiring as Joyce destroyed the machine connected to that the Upside Down. A mid-credits scene revealed a Russian prison center using Demogorgans as weapons, and one guard references an undercover prisoner as”the American.” This last scene resulted in much speculation about if Hopper somehow survived and was the American, but nothing was confirmed until Stranger Things published a teaser for season 4 titled”From Russia, with Love” revealing Hopper alive and doing labor at a Russian prison. However, Stranger Things hinted that Hopper would be alive and at risk before the teaser confirmed his destiny.

An individual may have thought”Heroes” was performed after Hopper’s death simply to produce a more psychological undertone as a cherished character was grieved, but it had a far more crucial role. Peter Gabriel’s rendition of the song”Heroes” played throughout the Stranger Things period 1 scene where everybody believes Will to be dead and has been just used one other time in the series: if Hopper was believed to be dead at the season 3 finale. Stranger Things was using”Heroes” as a connection to Will’s survival revelation, implying Hopper will be alive but not safe.

In Stranger Things season, episode 3, “Holly, Jolly,” Will is declared dead after his body is located at the quarry and Peter Gabriel’s rendition of”Heroes” plays as the characters grieve his”death” The identical setup is used for Hopper’s death in season, in which”Heroes” performs after Eleven reads his correspondence. The song’s lyrics are known as showing heroism when in a dire scenario with nearly unbeatable foes and having the confidence to resist against them. This clearly applies to Stranger Things, in which Will and Hopper have been put in seemingly hopeless conditions of assumed death, yet both survive. Not only did the tune clue into Hopper surviving, it meant he would be trapped in a dangerous and anonymous atmosphere such as Will was in the Upside Down.

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When Will was discovered to be living in the Upside Down, ” he still faced imminent dangers from the Demogorgon along with the officials at Hawkins Lab. Likewise in Russia, Hopper will need to try to survive the Russian prison guards and officials, in addition to the Deomogorgans they are using as weapons. Saving Hopper out of Russian adversaries will be equally foreign to the team since trying to conquer the Upside Down was season 1. Contemplating Will’s revelation of being alive was Eleven’s link to the Upside Down, it is possible to season 4 may even reveal Hopper’s dangerous situation to the group through the Upside Down.

It is unknown if Hopper’s confirmed death in Hawkins was due to U.S. government coverup such as Will’s, but so far not one of the established characters knows he’s alive. Considering that the Russians near the system disintegrated when it had been destroyed and there were no ashes where Hopper vanished, it’s possible Joyce cued to that and still has hope for his survival. Stranger Things will most likely keep Hopper separated from the group for the entire season, which means Hopper will have to discover a way of escape – may be mirroring Will communicating and traveling through the Upside Down.

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