‘Stranger Things’: 5 Curiosities you should know while we wait for the premiere of season 4

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Conspiracy theories, Stephen King’s recommendations or auditions that shocked the creators are some of the most curious stories that are hidden behind the scenes in Stranger Things. The fourth season does not have a release date yet, but to whet your appetite, here we review some of the curiosities behind the series that the Duffer brothers developed for Netflix.


Incredible as it may seem, the events of Stranger Things are based on real life. The Duffers were inspired by the Montauk Project, a well-known conspiracy theory in the United States that claims the government experimented to develop psychological warfare techniques and exotic research, which included time travel.

Conspiracy theories claim that it took place in the early 1980s on Long Island and that it attempted to continue the Philadelphia Experiment, another alleged secret project carried out in 1943. Montauk is based on the personal experience of Preston B. Nichols, who claimed to have recovered repressed memories of their participation.

Therefore, everything poor Eleven has to suffer is based on this case, which, on the other hand, has never been confirmed. Of course, the Demogorgon, the Upside Down World, and the Shadow Monster are a matter of the writers’ imagination.

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The initial plans of the Duffer brothers were very different from what we have known. They wanted to create a universe centered on a terrible supernatural monster during the ’80s but, once the first season was over, they said goodbye forever to Dustin ( Gaten Matarazzo ), Will ( Noah Schnapp ), Mike ( Finn Wolfhard ), Lucas ( Caleb McLaughlin ), Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) and the rest of the characters. For the next installment, they went straight to the 90s and dealt with a different problem. So with each season until reaching the fifth and last, which was set in 2020.

Come on, the Duffers wanted the Earth to be 40 years facing these supernatural creatures until in 2020, at last, a solution was found. Who was going to tell them that this would be the year the planet would be ravaged by a global pandemic.

When we meet Eleven, she’s wearing a blonde wig, a pink dress, and she can’t stop eating waffles. It is no coincidence that he dresses like this. The creators wanted to pay tribute to ET in his costumes and the character of the character. Like Millie Bobby Brown herself explains while preparing the character they told her that she had to look at Steven Spielberg’s endearing alien to build her friendship with the other characters.

“They wanted me to look like ET and the relationship between ET and the kids. I thought it was very interesting. Matt and Ross told me, ‘Basically, you’re going to be an alien .’ And so this strange girl who does not speak and tries to communicate with her new friends through body language emerged.

Dustin is the favorite character of many fans of the series and we cannot deny that this natural charm comes directly from Gaten Matarazzo. When they saw the young actor, those in charge of the casting knew that only he could be Dustin and they signed him instantly.

The same did not happen with the rest of the characters. The team watched 906 boys and 307 girls test, according to Mentalfloss, before deciding on the lead group. To see how they could navigate the universe the setback, the creators did read the candidates several scenes of me has, tape Rob Reiner 1986 which is one of the clearest influences.

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