Story of Mario Baluta – Founder of the Unheard Voices

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Mario Baluta

The rising pace of social media influencers is enabling brands to introduce many new faces in the world of entertainment. Modeling has seen rapid growth after the aspiring individuals have started flourishing their attractive and sizzling pictures over Instagram. However, besides being a fashion influence many of these internet celebrities also emphasize creating a better society and fight against unwanted social issues.

Mario Baluta is an active social awareness messenger striving to eradicate bullying and harassment of young teenagers. In this piece, we will highlight the organization created by Baluta and its importance in this modern era.

The Bucharest-born Romanian Model is a 17-year-old teenager who is the founding father of the company “The Unheard Voices”. The Unheard Voices started off as a personal blog by Mario himself and in no time grew into a big company. The main motive behind the creation of this organization is to spread awareness regarding bullying and harassment among children throughout the world.

As per statistics, more than 60 % of teenagers have witnessed bullying in the form of the physical or online world. Cyberbullying and harassment have hiked tremendously and are mainly targeted to youngsters. This formidable spirit to run an organization like this that gives voice to the victims makes Baluto one of the most influential models in today’s world.

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Mario is the Chief Executive Officer to The Unheard Voices. His team includes more than 20 passionate people who work extensively to educate society on such issues and finding solutions to prevent them. Belonging from the same age group Mario seems to have considerably good knowledge on how bullying can ruin the life of a teenager completely. The Unheard Voices is doing a great job in helping people to fight against this submission.

The act to aware the society is not a common practice as people find it to be involving rigorous effort and commitment. At the age of just 17, Baluta has changed the norms and has taken over the responsibility to raise alertness among the individuals so that the life of little kids is not destroyed. Harassment is an issue that is leading most pre-teen or teens towards the phases of anxiety, fear, or depression. Joining The Unheard Voices supports these people mentally and fights strongly against people who practice these unwanted activities.

Mario is working profoundly towards making The Unheard Voices successful and helpful for the many sufferers out there striving for a better life. We wish good luck to the entire team and congratulate Mario for the phenomenal success of his organization.

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